Sevendays Winter Feast


Sevendays Winter Feast starts on 14 to 22 January 2023 at Attabad Upper Hunza. The Tourism Sports and Culture Department of Gilgit-Baltistan has organized 1st time a unique type of seven-day Winter Sports Festival to promote inclusive tourism and rehabilitate the historical and traditional games played by the local people across Gilgit-Baltistan.

Competitions of winter games including Ice Hockey, Ice Skating and local games Basra, Pindok, and Baalbut are part of the event organized by GB Tourism, Sports and Culture Department. Various teams, including females across Gilgit-Baltistan, are participating in the event. It is the first winter sports festival organized in Attabad amid minus 15 degree Celsius and snowfall. A large number of spectators is expected to witness the event.

Trials will be held in all districts from 1 to 3 January, 2023 for the selection of players who desire to participate in the competitions of Sevendays Winter Fest 2023. The trials for selecting players from Gilgit District will be held at the Aga Khan Shahi Polo Ground on the scheduled dates at 11:00 am. Aspiring players can join the trials on the scheduled date. Without trials, no player will be part of the team to participate in the event. Interested players may ensure their online registration for trials from 22 to 30 December 2022 by calling the following telephone numbers: