Chapursan Valley


Chapursan (Wakhi: چپورسن) is a valley containing some eight scattered villages within the Hunza District of Gilgit-BaltistanPakistan. It is the most Northern part of Pakistan, bordering Afghanistan and China. Majority of the people in the valley speak the Wakhi Language, but the villagers of Raminj town speak Burushaski language. Chipurson Valley hosts over 500 households with 3000 population. The chipurson valley is above 3000 meter from sealevel and the villages are Yarzerech, Raminj, Kirmin, Kil, Reshit, Shehr-e-subz Ispenj, Shitmerg and ZuwudKhoon (also spelt Zood Khun . Khudayarabad).

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The valley is full of peaks and passes. Passes include Irshad Pass between Pakistan and Afghanistan and Lupghar Pir Pass between Yeshkuk and Raminj village. Peaks include Sakar SarKumpire DiorPumir SarSarmaya SarKuksar, and Lupghar Sar.Chapursan Valley (Chipurson) also Chipursan is situated in Gojal Hunza(upper Hunza), it starts from Sost and ends on Irshod Pass. It is almost 4 hour tough jeep ride from Sost to Zood Khun Village (first house) which is the last inhabited village of Chapursan Valley.