Sost Valley


Sost is a beautiful village as well as an attractive tourist destination in Gojal (Upper Hunza), Hunza District of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. It is located at a distance of 184 km from the main Gilgit city on Karakoram Highway before the China Border at Khunjerab Pass (the highest border crossing in the world).

Pakistan and China have opened border for trade and tourism. All traffic, crossing the Pakistan-China border, passes through the Sost village where the first formal Dry Port facilitates customs clearance and other formalities for goods moving from China to the commercial centers of Pakistan. Accordingly, the Pakistani immigration and customs departments are established here.

The people speak the Wakhi and Brushki Languages in Sost Village. The Sost village is a perfect tourist destination where the visiting tourists admire the peaceful environment and high level of hospitality of the local people.


To reach Sost Village one can either fly to Islamabad and drive to Hunza and later into Sost which is the last village inside Pakistan on the Karakoram Highway before the Chinese border or one can also fly into Kashgar or Urumqi in China and drive into crossing the Pak-China border at Khunjerab Pass, where the first village inside Pakistan is Sost. In winter due to heavy snow, the border crossing between China and Pakistan through Khunjerab Pass remains block.