Rainbow Lake

Skardu Valley

Rainbow Lake is Located near Domel that is a village in the very far flung Minimerg Valley of Astor District, Rainbow Lake is a small lake but doesn't at all lack in beauty. Fed by freshwater streams from adjoining mountains.

Rainbow lake is situated in Minimarg Astore valley Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. This lake is one of the beautiful lakes of the world with the wild open area covered with lush green meadows. The lovely and stunning place which becomes even more romantic under the dark grey skies. Domel had a natural lake called the ‘rainbow lake.’ Lake is supposed to be a wild trout pool. The water to these lakes came from winter ice glacier that was still intact on the slopes of the mountains. Rainbow lake is 15 km away from the Chilum check post. As you pass between the forest you will see rainbow lake huts from far.

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