Jutial, Chilidar Lake

Skardu Valley

Jutial is a developed residential scheme in Gilgit, Pakistan, a new city with a large population. Jutial is divided into different sectors and sub sectors. Located in the Gilgit-Baltistan,

As most valleys in the Gilgit Baltistan Jutial Nala, has an exceptionally thin mouth, yet a six-kilometer stroll along the stream through the precarious side canyon takes you to coniferous timberland and pastureland. Visitors can follow the water system channel behind the lodging to one side bluff face, and bring the goat way into the crevasse along the privilege of the stream. There is almost 20 KM Track that leads you to visit eights lakes of Jutlal Gilgit Nala. jutial Gah ends on the boundary of Sakwar Nala, Kargha Nala and Jiglote Nala. There are five mountain passes of different areas.

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