Kutwal Lake

Skardu Valley

There is a spot in Gilgit-Baltistan's Gilgit district, 60 miles to its east, called the Haramosh Valley that is an unexplored treasure trove.

Haramosh is located in the Karakoram range of the Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan. Haramosh is one of the most scenic treks in terms of the diverse views it offers. The trek provides a combination of the beautiful villages with snow covered mountains, plentiful livestock, forests, meadows, glaciers and the enthralling Kutwal Lake. Haramosh Valley lies about 65 kilometres (40 mi) east of Gilgit, in the south-central region of the Rakaposhi-Haramosh Mountains, a subrange of the Karakoram range. It rises steeply above the north bank of the Indus River, a little ways upstream of its confluence with the Gilgit River. The massif has two summits, Haramosh Peak (7049m) and Haramosh Kutwal Laila Peak (6985).

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