Skardu Valley

Langer is a beautiful Valley located in District Ghizer of Gilgit Baltistan. Langer is famous for its vast spread grassland and serpentine Ghizer river flowing smoothly and harboring trout fish to the maximum.

Langer valley is the most northwestern part of Gilgit Baltistan located in District Ghizer, connecting GB with Chitral through Shandur Pass. It is blessed with snow-capped mountains, diverse plants and crystal blue lakes. It is widely known as peace-loving and warm welcoming and natural beauty around the globe. Langer Valley is also famous for its beautiful lush landscape, eye-catching crystal blue lakes and high peaks of Hindukush and Himalayas touching the sky.

Ghizer District is one of the beautiful regions which is yet to be explored for national and international tourists. Poor infrastructure, unavailability of basic facilities and lack of promotion and advertisement are the main obstacles in this regard.

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