Skardu Valley

This Mosque is located in Gircha valley upper Hunza and relocated around 113 years ago. This is the only mosque in Hunza that has been relocated from its original location.

Name:    Ghulam Ali Shah Maktab (Mosque)

Period /Age:   Relocated 113 years ago

Location:   Gircha, Upper Hunza

Ownership:   Private (Nazar Ali Shah)

Legal Status:   Not Protected

Cultural Heritage Type:  Historic Mosque

Documentation Date:  July 2005

Resource Person/Reference:

Significance:   This is the only mosque in Hunza that has been relocated from its original location.

Site Description:    

The entire settlement of Gircha was washed away by a heavy flood in the Hunza River, at the onset of the 20th century A.D. In light of this, a local individual named Ghulam Ali Shah relocated the maktab (mosque) from the river’s edge to its existing location. This is a small, rectangular (210 centimeter long, 185 centimeter wide) mosque, marked by a verandah on its eastern and southern sides. The mosque was constructed using a cribbage and cator structure. There are detailed carvings on its doors and window frames, and the ceiling features a rotated square structure. The mosque also contains a beautifully carved mihrab (niche) inside.

Salient Features:  

The carved geometric patterns on its door and window frames are among the most noteworthy features of this mosque. It is also unusual and interesting to note that this mosque has been relocated from its original abode.

State of Conservation: 

AKCS-P (Aga Khan Cultural Service - Pakistan) restored this mosque in 1999 at the behest of the local community. It is now being used as a religious school. The current condition of the mosque is satisfactory, and the local community is responsible for its maintenance and upkeep.

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