Butter Tea

Skardu Valley

Butter Tea (served w/Buckwheat Flour) One of the backbones of Balti cuisine is actually a drink. This is not your average tea however, and it is much more than simply preparing green or black leaves in hot water.

This tea contains salt, butter, milk, and is made with pre-brewed green tea leaves. It is served with a side of fresh ground wheat flour, and a small dish of pure apricot oil which you add to personal taste.

Mix in a spoon each of the brown flour and the golden apricot oil, and enjoy a warming and thick mixture of some of the richest liquid imaginable. In some places it is traditional even for several cups of butter tea to be an entire breakfast, and solid food would not be eaten until one has already begun work for the day.

Across this entire mountain region from Tibet to Bhutan, butter tea is enjoyed and it’s so well-loved by these mountain dwelling peoples that you can’t possibly visit without having at least a few cups together.

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