Skardu Valley

Gulshan-e-Kabir is a village in Ghanche district Baltistan approximately 40 km from Khaplu town.

The old name of Gulshan-e-Kabir is Pharawa but the still older name is Ralta Khonbu. Ralta Khonbu was known for its beautiful and lush green fields and meadows. The village was struck by a powerful flood coming from the mountains due to the breakage of a huge lake. This resulted in the total devastation of Ralta Khonbu; the once plain village with beautiful orchards and lush green fields was now covered by mud and mighty rocks. The surrounding villagers noticed that there was no trees or greenery left in Ralta Khonbu so they started calling her Phara (meaning bold in balti language). Phara with excessive usage became Pharawa; a name the villagers never liked. Pharawa and Ralta Khonbu were equally used for some time but Pharawa dominated and was later registered in all the government records by the Dogra Rule so the name became a permanent identity for Ralta Khonbu.

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