Skardu Valley

Darele Settlement is located in Darla Chilim, District Astore. It is a traditional approximately 150 year old historical building owned by local community.

Name:    Darele Settlement

Period /Age:   150 years old

Location:   Darla Chilim, Astore

Ownership:   Community

Legal Status:   Informally Protected

Cultural Heritage Type:  Settlement

Documentation Date:  12-08-2017

Resource Person/Reference: Ibrar Hussain, Muzaffar Hussain

Significance:   A traditional house, approximately 150 years old, is part of this settlement.

Site Description

The Darele settlement derives its name from the Darel valley of Diamer, from which the forefathers of Darele first migrated. The settlement has thirty wooden houses, both single and double-storied, built using timber from conifer trees. The ground floor of these houses is widely used as a cattle-shed, while the first floor usually serves as a residential area. The interior walls of the large rooms are mud-plastered, and the storage rooms are made of pure timber. At the heart of this settlement once existed a wooden-structure mosque, which was later dismantled and reconstructed using alternate construction materials. The current population of the settlement is estimated to be between 150-200 individuals. While the streets of Darele are rough and muddy, fundamental provisions such as electricity and a primary school are present. 

Salient Features

Mud is used to plaster the interior of the houses, while the structure of the house itself consists of timber. Both the mud and the timber help insulate the interior of these homes.

State of Conservation

Since the settlement is owned by the local community, each individual is responsible for the maintenance of their respective place of residence.  The settlement is in satisfactory condition.

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