Skardu Valley

This house is the oldest surviving residential structure that was built with cribbage and cator techniques, using timber and mud.

Name: Pakora Traditional House

Period /Age: 1900 - 1905

Location: Pakora, Astore

Ownership: Muhammad Shah Family Legal

Status: Protected Cultural

Heritage Type: Residential

Site Description

This traditional house is, interestingly, called a shikari in the local Shina language, which translates to ‘watchtower’. This particular traditional house is named ‘Muhammad Shah Shikari’, after its builder. The fact that this house is located on a raised area, with a panoramic view of the whole village, may be the reason for its nomenclature. The house has two portions: one for family residence, and the other an animal shed. Its wooden ceiling is supported by wooden beams and columns with capitals.

Salient Features

The most significant feature of this traditional house are the vaulted capitals of the wooden pillars.

State of Conservation

The house is currently being used for storage. The owners of the house do not seem to be interested in restoring it. It is located on the main Astore road, which leads to tourist destinations like Deosai plains and Dumail. Thus, following restoration, this historic house can perhaps be used as a museum or café.

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