Skardu Valley
Skardu Valley

Khagrol Rako is located in Parishing valley of Astore District. It is a local residential building owned by a local family called "Lumberdar Abdul Manan Family" constructed in British era.

Name:    Khagrol Parishing Rako

Period /Age:   British Era

Location:   Khagrol, Parishing, Astore

Ownership:   Lumberdar Abdul Manan Family

Legal Status:   Not Protected

Cultural Heritage Type:  Residential

Documentation Date:  08-08-2017

Resource Person/Reference: Abdul Manan

Significance :   This is the oldest house in the area and the only rako (traditional house) that was built using the cator technique employing mud and stone.

Site Description :

                      The oldest traditional rako (two-floor house) is located in the Khagrol village, within the Parishing valley of Astore, and is owned by lumberdaar Abdul Munan and his family.  Traditionally, both the lower and the upper floors were used residentially, but the ground floor eventually came to be used as a cattle shed, and later served as a storage area. The house consists of a common room, a guest room, and multiple bedrooms. The building is structured with the traditional cator technique, using timber, stone and mud. Its ceiling is supported by wooden beams resting on wooden pillars with capitals. There are also pillars without capitals. The central pillars are mostly double or triple volute.

Salient Features :

                   The most significant and notable feature of the rako is the guest room on the first floor.

State of Conservation :

                    This historic traditional house of Astore valley is no longer used by its owners as a residence, and is instead currently being used as a store-house. The construction and design of this house is very unique and historic, which lends it great potential for reuse as a museum or café once renovated and conserved.

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