Karambar Pass

Skardu Valley

The Karambar Pass – At 4,300 metres, this pass in the Hindukush connects the Yarkhun River valley in Upper Chitral with Karambar River Valley in Ishkoman in Ghizer district.

Karambar pass (el. 14,250 ft.) is a high mountain pass in Pakistan. It connects Yarkhun River valley in upper Chitral District to the Karambar river valley in Ishkoman tehsil of Ghizer district in Hunza Valley. Sometimes it is misspelled as Karomber or Kromber pass.

The pass is one mile to the west of Karambar lake and 2 miles to the south of Dupsuk peak (5748m) that is the meeting point of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan Kashmir. 15 miles to the west of the pass lies prominent Broghol pass. River Karambar flows out of the Karambar lake in the initially south east direction. South of Imit it is known as Ishkoman river and joins Ghizar river at Gahkuch to become Gilgit river.

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