Deosai National Park


Deosai National Park is by far one of the most amazing places you can camped out. Seemingly endless pastures covered in wildflowers make up the vast area of Deosai, the second largest alpine plateau in the world. With an average height of over 4,000 metres, it spans over 3,000 square kilometres. Here in Gilgit-Baltistan, northwest Pakistan, not far from India, the greenery just goes on and on… Deosai means ‘Land of the Giants’ and when you look out across the never-ending green expanse you can see why. There is so much to see and do in Deosai that’s why It has made a place in our list of Best places to visit in Pakistan list.

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The National Park was created in 1993 to protect the Himalayan brown bear, and as the snow thaws in summer the meadows come alive with flowers and butterflies, you see it’s a haven for a lot of other wildlife too. Just be careful if you do camp out here. From Skardu to the northeast of the national park, it is possible to trek through the Burji La Pass to Deosai, however, this is a very long route! Most people get a jeep from Skardu into the park and work out a guide from there, or from Skardu itself. A couple of days trekking, with at least one Wildlife Project encampment between, leads you to the majestic Sheosar Lake. You cannot trek independently in Deosai as it’s a national park so you will need a guide. The Deosai Plains is 32 km south of Skardu. This plateau is the habitat of the greatly threatened HimalayanBrown Bear and many other wild animals. At an average elevation of 4 meters, Deosai is now a National Park and protected area for wildlife. The rolling grassland here supports no trees or shrubs and the area is snow-covered for seven months of the year. Spring comes to Deosai in Yu gust when millions of wild flowers begin to bloom all over the lush green grassland. This is a time when Deosai looks like a paradise with a landscape full of wild flowers on green rolling hills and crystal clear water streams with snow-covered peaks in the background. Our Adventure Jeep Safari will take you right across the beautiful mountain ranges of Himalaya and Karakoram.Traveling on KKH, you will enjoy the most spectacular scenery on earth. Before reaching Deosai, you will also witness the magical views of Nanga Parbat (8125 m), the ninth highest peak of the world, from different angles. At Deosai, our first stop will be at Sheosar Lake. This place offers beautiful views of south face of Nanga Parbatand a panoramic view of Deosai Plains. At Bara Pani, you can spend one day and visit the core zone of National Park for Bear Watching or you may enjoy fishing in the cold waters of Barwai Stream. From Deosai we will drive back via Skardu and gilgit and have a chance to enjoy the most thrilling drive along the River Indus. Best time to visit is Mid July to Mid September.